Christopher and Kami Adams are the founders of Creative Legacy Group. They started their insurance careers after the loss of Christopher’s mother. She passed away without any life insurance and there were no funds set aside to bury her. Instead of being able to grieve and cherish her memory they were struggling to pay the final expenses. After this experience they made it their mission to protect other families from having to deal with this type of burden. As a team they have collectively helped thousands of clients protect their loved ones. They have four beautiful children all under the age of ten! There is never a dull moment in their home. Addison, Ford, Eliza Ann and Olivia Wells are loved and cherished. When Chris and Kami are not helping their clients they enjoy spending time on the lake with family and friends. We would be remiss in forgetting Simba the golden-doodle and Delilah the chihuahua. Like we stated there is never a dull moment!

About four years ago Kami’s parents, Tommy and Katherine Mike, also joined them in the insurance industry. Ironically, the first policies that Kami ever wrote were on her parents. Tommy and Katherine are an integral part of Creative Legacy Group. The are the same age as many of the clients we help on a daily basis with final expense insurance and medicare supplements.

Creative Legacy Group has hand selected the best carriers in the market to meet all of our clients needs. The companies that we are partnered with are all highly rated with great brand recognition. We are able to provide day one immediate coverage for 95% of the clients that we help. Please contact us for your free, no obligation quote today. Don’t leave your family unprotected. Leave a legacy you are proud of and remember that legacy is not what you do for yourself. It’s what you do for the next generation….